The Newest Trend: Good News

By Lindsey Leary

Redcoat Review Writer

Posted May 26, 2020

On nearly every news channel you watch, it is likely that you will see some variation of coronavirus news. Whether it is the latest death toll or people fighting the virus, not much of this news is uplifting.

For these reasons, there has been an increase lately in “good news”- positive news stories that make readers or viewers feel good.

Actor John Krasinski is taking part in the “good news” trend, creating a Youtube Channel titled “Some Good News.” In his weekly show, Krasinski shares the best news he finds worldwide on social media.

Krasinski has shared news about an ICU team forming a conga line to celebrate a COVID-19 patient leaving the hospital, as well as video chatting with a teenage girl who recently went into cancer remission. Another episode of “Some Good News” featured Krasinski surprising healthcare heroes with a trip to Fenway Park to throw the first pitch, as well as lifetime tickets to Red Sox games.

Krasinski recently held a virtual prom through live stream with performances by the Jonas Brothers and Billie Eilish.

On Sunday, May 3rd, “Some Good News” also held a virtual graduation for the Class of 2020, whether that was high schoolers, law students, or eighth graders. The guest lineup included activist Malala Yousafzi, Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey among several others.

In addition, an Instagram page called “Tanks Good News,” created before the virus, has gained significant popularity in recent months. Tank Sinatra runs the page and posts good news stories only. Sinatra is proud that his page posts “news actually worth sharing.”

Sinatra posts a mixture of good news stories, as well as images showcasing people in moments of kindness and goodness. One image shows a woman in a hospital receiving chemotherapy treatment with her family members cheering for her outside the window.

Some recent “Tank’s Good News” posts informed readers about Trevor Noah paying his crew’s salaries out of pocket, and a principal traveling a total of 800 miles to personally congratulate each graduating senior.

Sinatra also posts links to other Instagram pages or websites where viewers can donate to help those in need. Sinatra wrote in one post, “There can be tremendous strength in numbers, but only if we as individuals decide to band together,” to urge others to pitch in with donations for medical masks.

Sinatra also has a website at, where he posts his stories for readers to get more information.

All around the world, different people are going through the same difficult times. Everyone has their own hardships, and everyone knows that the coronavirus is devastating.

During these times, good news is few and far between, but it is the best news to hear. These outlets are a way for readers and viewers to experience a few minutes of happiness. Good news is one of the best trends during this time. Hopefully you indulge yourself and visit one of these outlets. It is guaranteed to make you smile.