How To Find Books To Get You Through Quarantined Summer

By Sam Turgeon

Redcoat Review Writer

Posted on June 22, 2020

Covid-19 has been causing chaos in nearly all aspects of everyday life, and some social distancing restrictions are carrying over into the summer. A great way to spend the copious amount of free time that we’ll have this summer is by reading, but checking out books from the library is a bit different now that quarantine is in full swing.

One method of obtaining entertainment for the summer is through the use of Berlin Peck Library’s downloadable online resources. eBooks, audiobooks, movies, documentaries, and magazines are all available for download with a public library card. These resources can be found at the Berlin Peck website under the borrowing tab. Several different services are used for the downloadable materials, most of which can be used through an app on a cell phone. A description of each of these services is provided on the Peck Library website. Peck has also recently begun its first phase of reopening and is offering curbside pickup of materials. Patrons may call and place holds on specific items, and the library will contact them to arrange a pickup time when the item is available.

In addition to the resources provided by Peck library, the Berlin High School library is also offering books during quarantine. A page on the BHS Library website, under the sub-header “Borrowing Books During The Closure,” details how to receive a book. This page gives information on how to obtain books from a plethora of different sources. These sources range all the way from physical books from the BHS library to eBooks from various websites. The page provides any necessary passwords, and instructions on how to use each service.

Between all of the different resources provided by both the Peck and the BHS libraries, one would be hard pressed to run out of reading materials for this summer!